If you have ever experienced that highly irritating high pitched ringing in ears then you know how frustrating this can disorder can be. It may come and go, or for some unfortunate individuals it may be continuous, it also could be ringing or it may present as a clicking, buzzing or crackling noise as well. The medical name for this condition is tinnitus.

Causes Of High Pitched Ringing In Ears

The causes of tinnitus are just now being more fully understood. It is thought to be caused by damaged hair cells that transmit sound to the brain. The auditory nerve is the passage in which sound is delivered to the brain, when those tiny hairs are damaged, it can cause a noise to be heard even when there are no sound waves. It is ultimately like the hair cells being ‘on’ all of the time.

Some of the causes of the damage could be because of excessively loud noise for long periods of time, impacted earwax, and eardrum perforations, accumulation of fluid or middle ear and inner-ear infections. High or too low of blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, thyroid dysfunctions and head trauma could also be factors in tinnitus. There are a few ways that you may be able to quiet the ringing and gain some relief from the high pitched ringing in your ears.

High Pitched Ringing In Ears

At Times, The Ringing Can Be Unbearable

Prevention is the main key in avoiding tinnitus. If you are an individual who enjoys listening to walkmans, iPods or other musical devices that require an ear bud, listen to the music at a normal level to prevent damage to the tiny hairs in your ear. If after you take the earphones off, you still hear a slight noise, buzz or ring then you are in the process of developing tinnitus. Any further exposure to excessively loud noises will reduce the chance of the hairs being able to heal and will damage them even further and perhaps permanently. People who frequently go to bars, clubs and concerts, as well as hunters and target shooters are at even greater risk. Take precautions by using earplugs, or reducing the amount of time exposed.

Get your blood pressure checked on a regular basis.  High pitched ringing in the ears is oftentimes caused by high blood pressure. High blood pressure can be treated which will reduce or eliminate tinnitus.

Avoid stimulants, such as caffeine, which can be a cause of ringing in the ears. Caffeine can be found in a variety of food items like sodas, coffee, chocolate and tea. Tobacco and other addictive substances like marijuana and other drugs can also cause irreversible damage to the auditory nerves by sending signals to the hairs prodding them into unnecessary action.

Stress, fatigue and tension can all be indirect causes of auditory nerve damage by lowering the immune system and bringing on ear infections, fluid in the ear and swelling in the inner ear. Being sick can bring on a temporary case of high pitched ringing until the illness has passed.

Tinnitus is not life threatening but it can be exceedingly frustrating, even more so when an individual searches in vain for an ear ringing cure to no avail. If there is no obvious cause or no relief found no matter what is tried, a check out the step by step guide, Tinnitus Miracle, shown on the right.  This guide is very useful for those who have not got the results that they wanted from their doctor, noise canceling devices, etc.

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